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Have you ever thought about boats and harbours and why there’s often many boats in them? All this money all these amazing boats moored, moored, like anchored!! You would think that they would be out exploring the reef and having fun out on the water. But that’s so think about it why are they stuck here? Because most people that I’m these are busy working long hard hours to afford a boat and the petrol, often the petrol is really expensive for the boat and then you got to pay people to look after it. So I once was told that you actually don’t want to own a boat you actually want a friend that owns a boat, so looking for friends that own boats. But it really does strike me as this freedom, we often work so hard for freedom and we want a boat because we can feel free and get out on the ocean, freedom for what one weekend, two weekends a year? So LIVE freedom every day is the message not just freedom on a weekend, make sure you have and feel free every single day. Often that starts up here, with everything we’ve talked about all year, be free in your head! See ya!

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