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How do they soar to even greater heights?

Here at the beautiful Hamilton Island I’ve been fortunate enough to talk to a group of corporates that are the best of the best, Chairman’s Elite and Elite. So this is the top 1% of a company that’s got 15,000 employees, so I had a small group there talking about how to squeeze that extra bit of orange juice out of the orange and go to the next level. When you’re already the best you know what is it that motivates and inspires and excites you to wake up every day and want to be better and I spoke a lot about the burning question to ask yourself all day every day as an elite performer, is how do I make it better? So when you put in the word ‘how’ the brain sorts for strategy it’s sorts for technique and it actually wants to find ways, action plans to go above and beyond where the heights of success already are. Even if you don’t consider yourself elite then how do you use that to get to elite, so the question I used, Kerri and I used for many years going to the Olympic Games, was how do I make it better.

So where in your life can you make things better, how can you do that all day every day small increments tiny little steps, to wake up one day and be the elite to be in the best of the best. It really comes down to it, you know I asked them today why they are the best and it’s those habits that we build every day whether it’s around your health and fitness, whether it’s around business, whether it’s around your family, and your family values, hunger, passion, desire, commitment, dedication all those buzzwords. But how do you make them living, how do you actually live in it every day and for those of you that haven’t seen my superhero video on the motivate me 30 day program it’s one of those questions how do you live that every day and I would encourage you to get your superhero on! So if you haven’t seen that make sure you sign up to the motivate me 30 days! That program will get you elite if you aren’t already and if you are it will get you to the next level. How do you make it better?
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