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Natalie Cook

3 Reasons Most Conference Speakers Fail – And Nat Wins!

The foundation of a great conference is having speakers that truly inspire and whose ideas resonate with delegates, professionally and personally. You need speakers that have people talking for weeks after the event and – more importantly – taking action to improve their own lives based on the presentations they’ve enjoyed.

Unfortunately not every conference speaker has the gift of charming their audience in this way. There are three main reasons many conference speakers fail to reach this level of engagement; Nat Cook understands them and knows how to set herself apart from the pack.

1. Failing to ask the audience their opinion

Many conference speakers fail to make audience members active participants in content delivery. Leaning on a lectern and talking for hours about a subject is a dull and, frankly, ‘old school’ way of imparting knowledge. Nat Cook’s approach as a motivational speaker is audience inclusive. She asks questions and encourages audience members to reflect on her messages throughout each session. She’ll work in small groups, or simply sit in silence for a few seconds waiting for someone to share a brain wave if that’s what it takes to get her audience motivated and participating. No one is left sitting around waiting for a Q and A in the last five minutes.

2. Failing to engage

There’s no doubt that keeping a room full of conference delegates enraptured for an hour is no an easy task. Even if the content is outstanding, a monotone voice or lack of visual aids is enough to send anyone to the land of nod. Nat Cook attended many conferences and motivational presentations as a young athlete so she knows what it’s like to be on the ‘other side’. She works hard to keep her audiences awake and engaged, using fun and unorthodox methods when required! Watch out for some of these tricks of the trade when you book Nat Cook for your event:

Superhero cape – Nat’s belief is that ‘anyone can be a hero’ and she’s not too shy to bring costumes into her communication. Her capes raise a laugh and grab attention while they aid audiences in remembering her core message.

Volleyballs and trophies – Not one to drone on about her personnel achievements, Nat calls on her audience to ask themselves ‘What’s your gold medal?’ She uses props from her own sporting achievements to prompt a visual link between self-motivation and reward.

Activities and games – You won’t see the audience rubbing their eyes and stifling a yawn during Nat’s presentations. These conference sessions are full of movement, including activities and games to keep the blood pumping and mind working.

3. Failing to contribute meaningful content

Whilst an entertaining presentation is enjoyable, a lack of relevant content can be frustrating from a delegate’s perspective. If there’s no ‘take away’ message, there’s very little point in listening. Nat’s conference sessions are engaging without compromising on content. Looking to inspire her audience with her belief that everyone is hardwired for success, Natalie’s presentations provide real, achievable guidelines to visualising goals and self-motivating for success. And what she is a master at is tailoring the message to seamlessly weave into the topic/theme or purpose of the whole conference.

Natalie knows how to draw a parallel between the challenges in sport and business and can explain the formula required to be the best at what you do. Everyone enjoyed hearing Natalie speak. She has a relatable, lively approach, a great Aussie sense of humour, and a great story of ‘dream, struggle, and victory’. – Mike Taylor, P.B. McKenna & Associates

Avoid the ‘big 3’ errors made by most conference speakers and book Nat Cook. She listens, engages, entertains and provides meaningful content to your conference delegates every time.

Looking for expert conference speakers for your next event? Book Natalie Cook today for entertaining, engaging and motivating presentations and workshops.

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